The goal of the game is to guess within 1% of the randomly chosen number within 200 time steps

After each step the agent is provided with one of four possible observations which indicate where the guess is in relation to the randomly chosen number

0 - No guess yet submitted (only after reset) 1 - Guess is lower than the target 2 - Guess is equal to the target 3 - Guess is higher than the target

The rewards are: 0 if the agent's guess is outside of 1% of the target 1 if the agent's guess is inside 1% of the target

The episode terminates after the agent guesses within 1% of the target or 200 steps have been taken

The agent will need to use a memory of previously submitted actions and observations in order to efficiently explore the available actions.

The purpose is to have agents able to optimise their exploration parameters based on histories. Since the observation only provides at most the direction of the next step agents will need to alter they way they explore the environment (e.g. binary tree style search) in order to achieve a good score
RandomAgent on GuessingGame-v0